How Rebecca Gardner Is Gearing Up For A Whimsical, Wonderful Easter

by Christie Grimm · March 30, 2021

    No one plans a party quite like Rebecca Gardner

    A popcorn "snow"-covered Christmas table? We can see it. A pack of after-dinner chocolate cigarettes for each guest? Peer pressure us to have more why don't you! A tablescape crawling with bugs? Far chicer than you think. A dirt mound Easter centerpiece? Whimsical to the extreme!

    With the launch of Houses & Parties, her brilliant one-stop-shop for the hostess with incredible taste and a penchant for playfulness, now everyone can enjoy a fabulous fête fitting the discerning standards of the next-level event planner herself. 

    Curious what magical soirée Rebecca's whipping up this Easter? We'll give you a hint - it involves bunny ears, pink bubbles and a hundred dollar bill....

    How far in advance do you usually start planning for a holiday celebration? 
    Well, that totally depends on who's hosting. I can be creative and meticulous on any timeline.

    Go-to secret for hosting a fabulous party?
    Flattering lighting, interesting guests and heavy pours. 

    What's your Easter theme this year?
    Mr. McGregor's Garden... with Beatrix Potter figurines in thier own little forest of dill, fennel  basil and tiny tomato plants. 

    Have any tips for creating a fun, unexpected tablescape?
    Give them something to talk about, something weird, something funny, something naughty. 

    If you're not funny, at least buy lottery tickets for place cards. 

    Chicest way to indulge your sweet tooth?
    Ice cream sundaes in silver Puiforcat bowls and orange enamel ice cream spoons. They're as cold as ice. 

    Cheeky way to liven up a Zoom holiday affair?
    I hope I never have to Zoom again. 

    If you must - wear a funny hat, read a little poem and make it quick. 

    What are your ideal Easter basket contents?
    My ideal Easter basket hasn't changed in 38 years: cascarónes to smash on my brother's head, chocolate foil eggs to get through church, pink bubbles... and something from Taffin. 

    Have any non-Easter-related excuses to sport a pair of bunny ears?
    I keep a pair of elegant bunny ears on hand all year round. They are a practical way for your friends to find you at an outdoor concert, a confident pairing with lingerie and an effective gift for someone who seems to be hard of hearing. 

    What's a really great Easter egg hunt prize?
    The grand prize of a superior Easter Egg Hunt is always The Golden Egg. I like to stuff a one hundred dollar bill inside which thrills even the most spoiled child. This upsets my best friend who is the type to give her children used books on their birthdays. 

    What will you be whipping up to serve?
    I'm having friends over for Easter Brunch at my house in Savannah. 

    We'll have Green Goddess Soup with Jumbo Lump Crabmeat (a Julia Reed recipe), fried chicken, a carrot tart with ricotta and herbs and a minted pea salad. I don't know about dessert quite yet. I'll probably ask someone to pick up petit fours with neon pink roses so they're not in my house until absolutely necessary. 

    Most overrated holiday?
    Oh, there is no such thing as an overrated holiday. I live my life holiday-to-holiday. 

    What are you planning for next?
    I'm ready for summer and getting ready for three months of beach parties. Here's what I'm thinking... umbrellas with exaggerated cotton fringe, wicker picnic baskets, chicken salad sandwiches cut in thirds and wrapped in wax paper, cabana tents for changing into your suit and lots of freezing cold white wine in reusable cups. All in a jaunty yellow stripe.