Sex On A Plate On Your Plate For Valentine's Day

by Chiara Atik · January 26, 2010

    Romantic reservations at White Castle not quite what you had in mind for Valentines Day? How about something a little more...sensual? Possibly involving suggestively eating strawberries upside down?

    Food Philosophy is a website that celebrates the connection between "Food, Sensuality, and Sass".

    The website's founder, Jennifer Iannolo, encourages readers to "Sniff basil leaves." and "Dip a piece of bread in truffle oil and inhale deeply." And this Valentines Day, she's inviting people sniff basil leaves with a group of strangers in the Roger Smith Hotel.

    Sex On A Plate: The Event, will take place at the Roger Smith Hotel Penthouse: Solarium on February 14th from 6:30-10:00. It's a cocktail and tasting party, during which guests will be expected to "abandon the cliched rituals of the day and celebrate what's really important: passion and sensuality".  According to the invite:

    "We've planned a sultry evening of tastes to evoke your senses with the kinds of aromas, textures and flavors that will make your mouth water-and prime you for what we hope is a most sensual evening."

    Prime us for what now?

    Single? Don't worry, that shouldn't stop you from weirdly attending this event by yourself. Says Jennifer:

    "***NOTE: This party is not just for couples. We singles deserve a party, too! In fact, it doesn't matter if you're a single, double, or threesome. Or any other combination."

    Any other combination? Like...what? Couple and dog? Single girl and parents? Octuple?

    Seeing as I get edgy when people say "Mmmm" too much during a meal, I probably wouldn't last long at this thing, but if you like food more than, or just as much as, or paired with sex, you can purchase tickets HERE. And please. Let us know how it is.