The Most Gorgeous Last-Minute Flowers In Town!

by Christie Grimm · February 11, 2020

    Despite the fact that every Walgreen's in town is shoving pink candies and red heart balloons in your face, and despite the fact that we've been writing about exactly where you should be dining and what you should be buying this Valentine's Day, I'm going to guess you haven't done any of that. And yes, your girlfriend is totally going to kill you. 

    Enter Ode à la Rose - the uber chic flower delivery service that will literally save your procrastinating tush this Friday. With lots of stunning bouquets to choose from, and same day delivery that's not going to cost you an arm and a leg, it's a real no brainer.

    And while pink and red may technically scream Valentine's Day, I personally am going to push you to consider a slightly more exotic palette. Perhaps these fiery roses or this charming purple number?

    All I'm saying is think a little bit outside of the box - well, vase.