Would You Pay $1000 For A Christmas Tree?

by Stephanie Maida · December 11, 2016

    Ah, New York City. The overpriced metropolis where dreams are made of - and where a street corner Christmas tree will run you about a thousand bucks. And no, we're not talking about gold-plated leaves here. According to the New York Post,  regular ol', die-in-a-few-weeks, farm-fed firs are going for ridiculous prices across the city, including one Greenwich Village tree-seller's 13-footer, which, after set-up and delivery, will run those in the holiday spirit $1000. 

    Heather Neville, the self-proclaimed "tree lady" of Manhattan, said her tallest tree will cost residents $77 per foot if they can't bring it home themselves. "This 13-foot tree — a beautiful fir — is $750, and with delivery, installation with a stand and tip would be $1,000."

    Kind of Grinch-like, kind of unsurprising considering the price of our last latte. But still, not even rainbow Christmas trees will empty out your wallet that much.

    [Photo via @sharoninnj, @jason.and.zelda]