10 Questions With: Jamie Mulholland, The Founder And President Of Mulholland Leisure Company

by Chelsea Burcz · October 28, 2011

    With the upcoming anniversary of his Bahamas hot spot Cain at The Cove Atlantis on November 12, Jamie Mulholland has solidified his spot as a major force in nightlife. Whether it's making Montauk the chicest place to spend your summer with his introduction of The Surf Lodge, or turning a small venue on Broome Street into a club that has withstood the test of time with GoldBar, Mulholland has a knack for being ahead of the game. He sat with us to answer 10 questions...

    1. Tell me something about you that most people don’t know?

    I am an extreme sports junkie. I am an avid freediver and love spearfishing, enduro racing and wakeboarding. Cant do the skydiving thing tho as I am not good with heights.

    2. What's the best thing about a slow economy?

    Re-evaluating our lives and realizing what is really important.

    3. Who are your favorite characters in history?

    I would have to say Bob Marley, he is a true inspiration and love everything he stood for.

    4. Who are your favorite characters in real life?

    I would have to say my mother. She is awesome and a great character.

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    5. Favorite place to go when you don’t have to be anywhere?

    I really love being at my venues but when I need to get away, we have a house in the mountains that is our place of peace.

    6. What's the biggest risk you ever took?

    Was putting everything into opening my first venue and business CAIN in New York.

    [Jamie Mulholland after spear fishing, Photo by Rob Rich]

    7. Most memorable NYC moment?

    Driving into NYC the first time and seeing the skyline.

    8. If money wasn’t an object, what one piece of artwork would you want in your apartment?

    I would get Curtis Kulig to do a huge mural, I also love Damon Johnsons work.

    9. Your proudest moment?

    The birth of my son Ocean.

    10. What would you choose to be your last meal?

    Anything cooked by Sean Olnowich.

    And a few more for good measure...

    11. One thing you can’t live without

    My wife and son

    12. What constitutes "making it"?

    I would have to say being happy. Doing what you love and it never getting tedious or old.

    13. What's the Best 2k you've ever spent?

    A dirt bike for my son.

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