If you're reading this right now, chances are you've been a guest (or a guest of a guest) at a fancy private party or event at least once in your life. An engagement soiree? An office Christmas party? Some sort of chic charity cocktail moment? Chances are you also had a good time (depending on the open bar), but left with no sense of the immense preparation that went into such a blink-of-an-eye affair. Now if you happen to be on the other side of this celebratory spectrum, and have hosted something of your own, you need to know about Bashed, the website that will change your ways of entertaining forever.

The first website of its kind to allow users to seamlessly browse and book some of the hottest venues in the city for group events and dinners, Bashed takes all the work out of menu planning, pricing, and securing the perfect location. Founder and CEO Peyton Ladt had spent years in New York planning both personal and professional events when the idea finally hit her: Why can't party planning be as easy as ordering an Uber? Well, now it can be. Click through for some of Peyton's pro-hostess tips and favorite ways to make every party stand out.

[Photo via Garance Dore]