Catching Up With Janice Dickinson At Monarchy Collection

by DOUGLAS MARSHALL · September 14, 2009

    Lizzy Grubman was sitting front row at Monarchy Collection next to a young and pretty brunette. After the show was over I noticed two things: Lizzy’s chest was noticeably absent of a bra and that young brunette next to her wasn’t so young. It was Janice Dickenson – who from across the Tent in Bryant Park looked like she could have been in her late 20’s (I swear). I ran into my friend Eric Nicholson who worked with Janice on "America’s Next Top Model" as a judge, so he brought me over and I was able to interview her. I learned two things: Up close Janice DOES NOT look like she’s in her 20’s and reporters sometimes make mistakes. She wasn’t so happy when I referred to her being on "Project Runway" -- oops: I meant "America’s Next Top Model." Luckily she didn’t slap me for that faux pas and she was actually really nice.

    DM: What advice do you have for models today?

    JD: EAT

    DM: Why, are you disappointed with the body types you are seeing on the runway so far this season?

    JD: No. I just got here honey. It’s September 11th and I’m very sad. These are very uplifting clothes and I think Eric Kim is very very talented.

    DM: What is one trend you never want to see hit the runway again. Or is there something you HAD to wear when you were a model that you hated?

    JD: Parachute pants. I loathe them. Flat shoes and parachute pants.

    DM: And how does it feel to be reunited with your old Project Runway buddies?

    JD: (HUGE sigh because she was not on Project Runway)

    DM: I’m sorry I meant America’s Next Top Model.

    JD: I’ve been a fan of Eric Nicholson since before the flood (giving him a huge hug).

    [Mug shot via Gawker].