Everyone's heard of Corinne. Even if you don't watch The Bachelor, you've heard of Corinne. Every reality show has the villain, the wild child, the femme fatale, yet no one can quite peg her for any quintessential reality show archetype. People have also tried to pigeonhole her as the "female Chad Johnson" or the "new Stassi Schroeder." This hardly is the case because unlike Chad, Corinne would never slide into my DMs to hit on me only to block me when she realizes I'm not interested (hey Chad, people never forget) and unlike Stassi, Corinne's not capable of murder. But at least she's not described as the "new Courtney Robertson" or the "female James Kennedy," right? Because she's not a sociopath, and even Taylor obsessively and irresponsibly psychoanalyzing her could never draw such a radical conclusion.

So if we can't compare her to other reality stars or classify her as a common reality show archtype, how does one describe the phenomenon that is Corinne Olympios? Well, maybe it's best to compare her to her one true love through her time on The Bachelor: alcohol. Much like the champagne she was often seen swilling, Corinne is both sparkling and effervescent. And much like the shots of tequila she would throw back, she is bold and sharp. But unlike a night spent double-fisting Chandon and Patron, Corinne is hard to forget.

She's so much more than just a good time whose every ridiculous facial expression or outrageous quote is just a meme waiting to happen. Not only is she a force to be reckoned with on camera as a reality show riotmaker, but off camera as a businesswoman as well. Even keeled, earnest, and self-possessed, it's easy to see how she ran a multi-million dollar company by her mid-twenties.

We met up with Corinne over pizza at Old Rose in NYC to discuss her upcoming projects and, obviously, have some fun. With a brand new podcast called So Random, several television projects in the works, a clothing line, and a book coming out, it's clear that Corinne is well on her way to creating her own empire. We can't wait to see what she comes out with next, although it'll be hard to predict because when has Corinne ever been predictable? Just take a look at some of these "Would You Rather" answers!

[Photos by Yumi Matsuo Photography]