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What do you get when you put holistic health, nautical style, and bright colors in a blender and whip them all together? Julia Dzafic. She’s the founder of Lemon Stripes, a lifestyle blog that beautifully brings together two very important things for us: food and fashion. She also runs a killer online fashion boutique, the Lemon Stripes Store. Her site is happy, bright, whimsical, and just downright charming with gorgeous pictures that’ll make you want to pile on the baubles.


But don’t call this gorgeous gal a blogger... she’s way more than that. With an extensive nutritional background that will put all of us meer gluttonous mortals to shame, Julia will show you the way to a healthier diet and fabulous style. We caught up with Julia to chat about healthy eating, girl crushes and blogging growing pains. Meet this week’s fashionable foodie:

Current occupation: Director of Online Marketing at Nourish Snacks (a new healthy snack brand launching soon!)

Location: Upper East Side, Manhattan

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