Yuvi AlpertUpon first meeting Yuvi, you can’t help but notice his impeccable style and attention to detail. Everything from his scarf placement to his skillful layering is street style snap worthy. I swung by the Men in Cities studio a couple weeks ago to check out their new collection and to hear more about the fresh new fashion startup. Their offices, located in Soho, is a perfect embodiment of the brand-- both eclectic and cultured. I was intrigued and left inspired by the story; the story of an accessories designer who had a bigger plan in mind.

Men in Cities is a lifestyle brand of accessories found strictly online that reveals limited edition collections on a monthly basis. The mission: to add interesting details to a “modern man’s life.” The strategy is unique - put out collections of accessories and other lifestyle items with a price tag of $40 per item. With collections like “The Black & Grey Collection” “Open Road Collection” and “North Atlantic Collection” it’s clear that their ideal consumer is a man who’s attracted to product discovery as much as quality goods. Ladies, don’t get it twisted. Their accessories can be easily incorporated into your wardrobe.

I was intrigued to learn more about the man behind one of the more fascinating strategies to a Direct-to-Consumer fashion startup I’ve seen in a while. And trust me, I’ve seen A LOT of them. Too many, in fact. Yuvi answered some questions we had about entrepreneurship, personal style, and of course, where he gets his grub on. Read on and keep your eyes on this man on the rise.

Cyndi Ramirez is the Founder of tastethestyle.com, as well as Co-founder of The Eclective. You can contact her on Twitter here.