What do you think of when you hear the word "yoga"? Images that you've seen on your Instagram feed of crazy inversions in skin hugging, tropical colored clothes against various exotic backdrops likely come to mind. Lean limbs and envy-inducing booties, flexibility we can only dream of.

For Hilaria Baldwin, though, that's not what it's about. It's about what comes from within. Hilaria discovered yoga at 20, after a life spent in the image-obsessed world of professional dancing. During a dark time, yoga was a bright light that guided her towards a career as a yoga instructor so that she could share the same happiness and strength that the practice instilled in her.

Hilaria's teaching transcends the doors of her Manhattan studio, Yoga Vida. Blending her signature kindness and wit, she has utilized social media as a means to impart spiritual wisdom as well as health and fitness advice to help her followers integrate health into their everyday lives. With her new book The Living Clearly Method, she provides insight on how to radiate joy and love, how to practice wellness judiciously, and how to attain fulfillment. And like yoga, The Living Clearly Method all starts from within.

Whether it's trying to stay grounded and zen in one of the most hectic cities in the world or trying to stay optimistic in a contentious, vehement political climate, who better to have a conversation with than Hilaria? We caught up with the health guru herself to talk everything from politics to living life in the public eye to personal wellbeing.

[Photos courtesy The Living Clearly Method]