GofG Video Interview With Richie Rich: Defining The Club Kid

by Ross Kenneth Urken · November 30, 2010

    When we caught up with Richie Rich last night at the Pierre Hotel for the Jets Tear up the Pierre event with film guru Eli Obus, we couldn't help but ask the man behind Heatherette about the ongoing abuse of the term "club kids":

    In the Sunday Styles section two weeks ago, the Times published a piece that described a group of nightlife movers and shakers deemed "the new club kids." For purposes of rebuttal and nuance, I published a post asserting that this label may have been inappropriate: Steve Lewis, head of BlackBook's "Goodnight Mr. Lewis" column, said the original club kids were fueled by drugs and raw energy, whereas the new putative club kids are a more refined iteration of a disco-tech posse.

    Richie Rich did agree with Lewis to an extent, dismissing the view that DJs like Mia Moretti were really "new club kids"; instead, he said figures like Moretti were important, but niche, entities in nightlife and insisted that "club kids" is a label the media likes to throw around inappropriately. That said, he did counter Lewis's view about the trippiness of club kids and claimed his straight-edge behavior brought him street cred.