It’s been two years since we’ve talked, and since then there’s been a significant amount of brand growth for Grungy Gentleman. Tell me about the steps you and the company have taken since 2015 and of which you’re proudest.

I’m really proud that Grungy Gentleman has remained authentic to what we want to do. Obviously, we’ve had some pretty cool partnerships that I’ve been very very proud of. Being a lifelong New York Knicks and New York Rangers fan, working with them for Madison Square Garden was an amazing dream accomplished. In addition, being able to design for my alma mater, Indiana University, is another incredible honor that’s so difficult to put into words. Working with a brand like Timberland, that I’ve been wearing their boots since I was a child, there’s plenty of evidence of it, my mother loved to take photos, so working with such an iconic footwear brand, who, in my opinion, make some of the best boots in the world and is probably the most recognizable footwear brand globally, as well as a good company, that was a tremendous accomplishment. Working with the NFL has been incredible as a stylist and I’ve been working with them freelance for three years—we’ve built some incredible campaigns and done some outstanding things with media days and holiday events, they’re first class all the way and their product is sensational, and I’m not just saying that.We worked with brands like Maui Jim for eyewear for a lot of our shows, that was incredible, I have something in the works with Nivea that I’m super proud of and excited to roll out, and that’s just to name a few.

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