As much as you envy them, you know your feed would be 10 times less interesting (and about half as delicious!) without the expertly curated, natural-light filled photos of foodstagrammers brightening things up. How else are you supposed to find out about kitschy new menu items or hashtag-worthy restaurants the New York Times will never review?

There’s a new guard of foodie critics who have turned pretty pictures into full-time careers. But don’t get it twisted - they hardly just eat for a living.

Leading the pack in New York City is Brunch Boys' Jeremy Jacobowitz, a media veteran and former TV producer who has worked with the likes of Bobby Flay, the Food Network, and the Cooking Channel. As our favorite success stories so often go, he turned his passion for brunch (a cute dude who loves brunch, do you die?) into a side hustle into the most dreamy day job we can imagine. The one-man powerhouse (who boasts hundreds of thousands of followers on Insta alone) turns out content from photos to videos - and has even gotten in front of the camera himself to host segments across the web.

We caught up with Jeremy to get a peek behind the scenes, learn his favorite Insta tip, and, of course, ask him about his dating life.

[Photo by Yumi Matsuo][Photos via @brunchboys]