Ok, we admit it, we've actually verbalized the phrase "hashtag white girl problems" at least once in our lives, which is embarrassing for us because saying "hashtag" aloud, even ironically, went out of style at least two years ago. But sometimes, especially when it comes to Babe Walker, we just can't help ourselves. Which is exactly why we couldn't wait for last night's launch of Babe's new book, Psychos, and the fabulous cocktail party at—where else?—the equally fabulous alice + olivia showroom which welcomed the bestseller-to-be into the world.

In familiar a+o style, we were greeted with an opulent table artfully arranged with the night's novel-of-honor as well as glittering sweets and treats including chocolate tubes of lipstick. We also immediately noticed a "Psycho" wall, where guests had anonymously posted their most disturbing moments of Babette-like behavior, which included a lot of social media stalking, some casual automobile arson, and even an interesting encounter with a pair of very famous brothers. After alternating between champagne and a deliciously pink cocktail made of strawberry lemonade Svedka and Izze sparkling juice, we, of course, posted our own #psycho secret. (We'll never tell.) Though we were rubbing elbows with Susan Sarandon and Nicky Hilton at the book bash, the best part of the night came when we were able to catch up with alice + olivia's Stacey Bendet as well as David Oliver Cohen, Lara Schoenhals, and Tanner Cohen—a.k.a. the trio behind Babe Walker and everything #WhiteGirlProblems.

[All photos courtesy of alice + olivia/AP Images]