Interview: Artist Harif Guzman On His New Clothing Line, Haculla & The Inspiring Reason Behind Soho Arts Club

In the past few years, few artists have been as ubiquitous as Harif Guzman. While many may only know his famous black-lit murals leading into the Electric Room, the painter has been everywhere, whether he's hosting parties at his incredible studio, attending the most exclusive events like the Guggenheim International Gala, or traveling the world from Seoul to Miami Beach sharing his talent. Now he's at one of the most prolific points in his career, using every creative tool at his disposal to progress his art. With a new direction in his painting, a new clothing line, and new arts club, Harif is becoming one of the most captivating forces in the art world. Click through to see what he has to say about all things art, New York, and his exciting new ventures!