Interview: Chelsea Leyland Talks About Her New TV Show And What's Hot In Music Now

by Laura Belmont de Gunzburg · August 19, 2011

    Born and raised British DJ darling Chelsea Leyland has the whole fashion industry going gaga over her, while spinning the hottest tracks at the hottest fashion events around. The English bred DJ has fast become fashions favorite DJ, spinning a mix of everything from 50s, 60s, 80s rock and hip hop while incorporating of Indie, Reggae, Funk, Brit Pop, Punk and Metal for some of fashions most coveted designers such as Valentino, Missoni and Fendi.

    But let’s be real here - it's not just her fantastic taste in music that's has us buzzing on the dance floor. Her chic grunge rock style has fashionistas clamoring to have her spin their event and wear their clothes. Currently being the resident DJ at three of the most happening spots (Kenmare, The Surf Lodge and Rushmeyer’s) and with Fashion’s Night out and Fashion week right around the corner, there is no doubt that Leyland will have her plate full.

    Oh but wait- did I mention this power girl also has a TV show in the works? Thankfully I was able to catch her right before the fashion industry starts claiming possession over her during fashion week, and get all the inside details on her booming career and up-and-coming TV show!

    So you have a new MTV show, can you tell me about it?

    CL: Its a short documentary MTV and Dove are doing on three female dj's I am of course one of them and then the other two are Dj Jessica Who and Dj Diamond Kuts who is Nicki Minaj's dj. I am the fashion dj and they will be mostly covering me during fashion week djing for FNO and djing other gigs during that week. They'll also cover me sitting front row at fashion shows and doing a meet and greet with designers at Milk Studios.

    When are you expecting it to air?

    I think it will air in the fall.

    [Photo via Business Insider]

    How does it feel to be THE FASHION DJ?

    I enjoy being the fashion dj; I take every day as it comes and feel very content and lucky with where I'm at right now. I also love DJing for the art world and hope to do more of that in the future.

    What are your favorite events you have done in the past?

    I think my favorite event has to be a cross between djing for the artist Damien Hirst in Berlin and djing for Duran Duran in NY for Paper magazine's beautiful people issue.

    Any new upcoming events you have planned for FNO (Fashion's Night Out)? Fashion Week?

    I am djing the Maybelline and Vogue event for FNO I'm also djing for Naeem Khan's fashion show and have many more exciting things in the pipe line.

    Favorite designers?

    My favorite designers are Charlotte Olympia, Alexander Wang, Katie Gallagher, Domini Jones and Chanel.

    What’s on your ipod mix?

    Right now I'm loving this new artist called 'Garry Clark Jr' I have his music on repeat right now he's pretty new but is extremely talented I just went to two of his live shows and can't wait for the next one. His sound his very refreshing and just what the music world needs right now.