Interview: Designer Mara Hoffman Talks Astrology, Crystals & Green Juice

Since her launch in 2000, Mara Hoffman’s dreamy designs have evolved from one-of-a-kind pieces under her initial label “Circle” to become a true staple of bohemian fashion. Her very first collections were presented in offbeat performance installations before her popularity demanded that she go more mainstream. In 2005 Circle became simple, Mara Hoffman – and her success skyrocketed. Mara’s clothes usually combine flowing fabrics, bold prints and tribal touches, pulling inspiration from around the world. Mara herself is an inspiration to many for her success as much as for her warmth and poise. Plus, this global gal can rock a nose stud like nobody’s business. This season, we caught up with the free spirited designer to talk superstitions, astrology, and green juice.

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