Interview: Fashion Tech Forum Founder Karen Harvey Talks The Future

Fashion and tech are two things you wouldn't immediately think to put together. But in the year 2015, with the blogger revolution behind us and the world of Instagram #OOTDs at hand, it's actually quite easy to see the realms merging. There's been the addition of a 'Shop Now' option on Instagram and sites like monetizing the fashion snap in an easy and accessible way - not to mention the Apple Watch and other various forms of wearable tech making their way to the mainstream. It's an interesting and important evolution, one that consultant Karen Harvey took notice of.

Last year, she founded the Fashion Tech Forum, bringing together leading entrepreneurs in the fashion and tech sectors, rising talent, and influential investors. Now in its second year, FTF has partnered with ELLE for the Founders of the Future Challenge, an exciting new addition to its programming. We caught up with Karen to talk fashion, innovation, and the industry leaders of tomorrow.

Fashion Tech Forum 2015 will be held on June 11, go HERE to apply for tickets!