Interview: Heather Andersen's New York Pilates Is The Place To Meet Your 2016 Fitness Goals

While everyone is figuring out which way they're going to get fit in 2016, we've had our answer for a while now. Former ballet dancer Heather Andersen founded New York Pilates in 2013, and when we finally found our way to the studio a couple months back, we were hooked.

This wasn't the typical sterile atmosphere of so many boutique fitness centers; indie fashion magazines in the lobby, well curated playlists on the speakers, and incredible locations in Soho and Noho made for an appealing introduction to pilates (Andersen's husband Brion Isaacs and his Rivington Design House co-designed the spaces). The Soho location, situated on Howard Street right by equally stylish neighbors Opening Ceremony and the Smile, opened over a month ago so we thought it would be the perfect time to get the scoop. We talked to Andersen about her ballet background, why pilates will make you better at any kind of fitness, and the wild old-school loft party that kicked off her newest location.

[Photos courtesy of New York Pilates & Rivington Design House]