Interview: Mestiza Co-Founders Alessandra Perez-Rubio & Louisa Rechter On The Art Of Cocktail Attire

When fashion becomes art - this is where truly magical things happen in a showroom. Alessandra Perez-Rubio and Louisa Rechter are taking this idea and putting it into motion with their unique line of cocktail attire, Mestiza. Inspired by exotic cultures (Alessandra was bi-culturally raised in Manilla and San Francisco, Louisa's mother hails from Cebu) yet crafted by artisans in New York City, Mestiza gives dressing up an artistic, crafted angle that makes it worthy of any style-savvy cool girl. Click through for more details on how this brand came to be, the direction it's headed towards, and more!

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[Photos via @mestiza_ny, @mestiza_ny, @mestiza_ny]