Interview: SoulCycle Co-Founder Elizabeth Cutler

by Georgia Bobley · August 29, 2012

    When Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice first founded SoulCycle, they had no idea the cult-like following the spin studio would come to attract. Now with four Manhattan locations, two Hamptons locations, as well as studios in Scarsdale and Roslyn, Long Island. SoulCycle is expanding faster than ever, and we got the chance to chat with co-founder Elizabeth Cutler about what we can expect from NYC's favorite spin studio in the near future!

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    How did you initially get into spinning, and how did you come to start SoulCycle?

    After moving to New York City I began searching for some type of cardio exercise I could fall in love with. I realized, after failing to find a anything I wanted to make into a routine, that I would have to create it. Julie Rice (Co-founder of SoulCycle) and I met for lunch and truly believed we could make indoor cycling not only inspirational, but a kick-butt full body workout, and the rest is history!

    Did you realize that New Yorkers would have such a need for a spin studio as they seem to have expressed?

    We definitely saw a hole in the marketplace for an inspiring, fun, effective cardio workout. New Yorkers especially are looking for something that's both innovative and accessible, and that's what we hope SoulCycle delivers - a 45-minute full-body workout with a customized rocking playlist. It's a cardio party on the bike!

    Is there anything new or noteworthy coming up at SoulCycle?

    We're thrilled to announce that after six years of reinventing the indoor cycling workout, that we've now reinvented the equipment. The SOULCYCLE®, a custom indoor cycle, was engineered, designed and produced exclusively by SoulCycle, crafted to match our unique indoor cycling classes. Available for home purchase, our riders are now able to bring Soul home!

    Are you planning on any further expansions?

    Absolutely! We're gearing up to open our newest studio in Brentwood (LA) on Sept. 5th and have plans to double our footprint in the next year. For all of you riders in the NY expansion in the tri-state area is paramount.

    What do you think it is about spinning that people enjoy so much?

    We haven't just created a workout, but a total mind body experience. Each and every SoulCycle class is lit by candlelight, taught by a top-notch SoulCycle certified instructor and features it's very own unique playlist. We're on a mission to help people find joy through exercise.