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From discussing Bellevue Hospital's sordid past to detailing F. Scott FItzgerald's New York haunts, The Bowery Boys have a handle on New York's unique and colorful history that doesn't exist anywhere else. Run since 2007 by long-time friends Greg Young and Tom Meyers, The Bowery Boys is a podcast that runs through the most unusual tidbits of New York's history. The two friends also run a blog that details different episode and shares stories that you may not know about the city's past. Calling themselves "accidental historians," Meyers and Young consider their foray into New York history a product of their shared love for and interest in the city.

We sat down with Greg and Tom for an interview and a list of the New York city spots that every New Yorker needs to visit.

Click through for our slideshow and list of classic New York spots. Go HERE to check out the blog and check out the podcast HERE.