You've worked on some great parties this year; what are your highlights so far?

Max Pollack: Full Moon is always the highlight but this year we've debuted our other party brand BLACK as a series at Irving Plaza. We pushed the visual envelope with that one, working with some very cool visual artists. Kitsuné Club Nights at Output have been great, and there was one particular rave in Bushwick with Kitsuné and Milk with A-Trak, Hot Chip, and Kidnap Kid. That was pretty magical. Brett Kincaid: Max pretty much covered it, we did go to Brazil and hot wired a 1969 Mercedes tour bus and partied till sunrise. It was work, as we were there to make a "film," so you can imagine what that footage looked like. Matt Rowean: For me, a real moment was looking back last year at Full Moon. At the time we had no idea what to expect, and to see 5,000 people having that much fun, then to look left and right and be surrounded by some of my closest friends, was a moment that solidified that this was something I can enjoy doing for a living. While filming Mumford & Sons at the 10 year anniversary of Soho House New York last year, Brett looked at me and said, "If we play our cards right, we'll never work a day in our life." That about sums this all up, if you love what you do it doesn't have to be 'work'. Full Moon Festival NYC
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