Interview With METALSKIN's Alicia Halegua

by guestofaguest · October 21, 2009

    GofG recently asked Alicia Halegua, founder of METALSKIN accessories line some questions. Read about what inspires this new-to-the scene young entrepreneur...

    You’re relatively new to our scene, why have you decided this is the time? I believe that you need to take risks and really make the most of time... For me this was the right time to launch METALSKIN

    Why/how did you start? Working prior as a style consultant I realized there was a void in the market for accessories that were chic yet comfortable, wearable and well priced... It started as an idea and I did my foot work on how to turn this into a business – I started to really get creative with the idea and run wild with it...

    What inspires you? With regard to my business, inspirations can spark from almost anything... However the main sources would be moods, weather, travel, color and attitude

    Who is the ideal METALSKIN Client? Ideally a woman or a man who is confident, fun, creative and a bit daring... It’s an ageless line.... No restrictions — if you go to you will see from the ‘AS SEEN ON’ page all the wild ways people wear METALSKIN

    In the future, are there any other materials that you could see yourself incorporating into your bracelets, or that you might be interested in trying? The name, METALSKIN derives from the 2 main components that make up the line: metal and skin so we will be sticking to that and building and expanding on the vast possibilities that lie within...

    How do you see METALSKIN expanding? What can we expect NEXT from you? I hope for a slow and steady expansion for METALSKIN... I believe that you need to really stay focused when starting a business and not spread yourself too thin... With that being said you can expect to see necklaces and more versions of our ‘wrap bracelet’ with more of a mixed media feel... We will be exploring textures, layers and color combinations in our next collection

    [Photos by Ben Fink Shapiro]