It's safe to say that New York is on a health kick. Meetings are held over green juices, smoking is considered passé, and vegetables are firmly en vogue. So it's no surprise that foodies and fashionistas alike are flocking to Nix, the new Greenwich Village eatery from James Truman and chef John Fraser. Truman, the former editorial director of media giant Condé Nast, became friends with Fraser when they worked together at Narcissa, eventually joining forces to conceive Nix, a restaurant that would highlight Fraser's unique vegetarian cuisine. 

Since opening at the end of February, the spot has already gained a buzzworthy reputation, offering a chic space to be seen as well as a tasty menu that could appeal to even the hungriest of carnivores. We caught up with Truman for some insight into the scene, the food, and to learn what, exactly, makes Nix so different from other vegetarian destinations. 

[Photos by Stephen Johnson courtesy of Nix]