Katy Perry Blames Kitty Purry For Lyrical Innuendo

by Cailey Hall · December 13, 2010

    At the Z100 Jingle Ball, I unfortunately did not get to ask Kim Kardashian about the Armenian Genocide or to find out whether Justin Bieber would reconsider brokering peace between North and South Korea.

    But I did get to talk with the lovely Katy Perry (soon to be Katy Brand) about “Peacock,” my favorite song off her latest album.

    The includes such lyrics as, "I wanna see your peakcock, cock cock/Your peacock, cock/Your peacock, cock, cock.

    Would she, I wondered, grace us with a music video version of the double entendre-laden track?

    I’m sure all the moms in minivans would love that,” she wryly replied.

    Removing herself from responsibility on the innuendo front,  she placed the blame for the lyrics in that particular song on “Kitty Purry,” who is both her cat  and, apparently, her naughty alternative song-writing persona.