New York's cool kids like cult favorites. From movies and music to their local hangouts. Luckily for them, the Lower East Side's latest hot spot, Le Turtle, completely fits the bill. From veteran restaurateurs Carlos Quirarte (The Smile) and Taavo Somer (Freemans), Le Turtle's image is low-key enough to be mysterious - the website and Instagram account don't reveal much - but talked about enough to make their table reservations a cherished commodity. The modern French fare by Chef Greg Proechel is as much a pull as the atmosphere. It speaks to your street cred to be among the creatives and A-listers dining there. Quirarte himself compares the eclectic crowd to the "bar scene from Star Wars," solidifying the idea that Le Turtle is something out of this world. In order to get the scoop on NYC's favorite new haunt, we caught up with the owners to talk its "cinematic" development, standout menu, and its decidedly immersive experience

 Le Turtle, 177 Chrystie St.

[Photos courtesy Le Turtle]