Lo Bosworth

We first fell in love with Lo Bosworth back in 2004, long before the days of Instagram and Twitter, when she was the quintessential SoCal cool girl on Laguna Beach and The Hills. Nowadays, the new New Yorker spends her time on the East Coast, where she's become a stylish lifestyle guru on her website, The Lo Down. Since we can always count on her to post some serious NYC #StreetStyle, #Selfies, and #FoodPorn, Lo was the perfect fit for our #SelfieSocialCleanse. Inspired by ABC's new show Selfie, we asked Lo to leave all of her followers in the dark and go silent on all social media platforms for one day. Click through to read more about her social media-free experience and tune in to ABC for the premiere of Selfie on September 30th.

Watch a sneak peek of the premiere episode HERE!

[All photos via @LoBosworth]