This Sunday, the exclusive, first-ever dessert festival is coming to Brooklyn. Enter: Dessert Goals.

Before even engaging in conversation with the brains behind Dessert Goals, I knew I would fall in love with them. As a sweet toothed, hopeful study abroad student, and NYC resident, they're everything I can hope to embody: drowning in dessert, jet-set, and NYC-lovin'. In modern digital culture, one’s Instagram aesthetic or feed can give you an accurate glimpse into his or her personality. From Miraya Berke and Liang Shi’s digital platforms, it’s their big grinning smiles, overseas food pictures, adorable captions, and of course dessert posts that can lighten anyone’s mood.

Think about this: no one has ever invented an all dessert festival in NYC - until now. These #girlbosses are the leaders behind this sweet new Instagram-baity event, and we had a chance to catch up with them before the big day.

[Photo via @withlovedc]