Supermodel Carol Alt Talks Cougars In An Exclusive Video Interview

by Ross Kenneth Urken · November 19, 2010

    Film guru Eli Obus and I headed to the red carpet white linoleum at the 661 8th Avenue Duane Reade yesterday to talk to Carol Alt about feline predation, if you know what I mean

    Alt was there to promote her raw skincare line "Raw Essentials" along with a film crew for her pending reality show. The model has been dating Russian ice hockey star Alexei Yashin, who is thirteen years her junior, so we quizzed her on how she views "the cougar" in society, as part of our on-going GofG anthropological study.

    "I hate that word first of all," she told us. "I really dislike it. I find it gives the image of somebody preying and stalking their prey like cougars do to eat."

    She also took issue with the term "cougar" because of the pejorative association it brings to cats.

    "I love cats, believe me," she said. "I hate to see them used in that way."

    Check out Eli's video below: