They say New York is “The City that Never Sleeps,” Los Angeles is “The City of Angels,” and Washington D.C. is “The City of Magnificent Intentions.” However, the Junior Committee of Worldfund make a strong case for why The Big Apple should reclaim all of these titles. In the last 3 years, these seven girls of Worldfund have come together to fulfill the purpose of engaging the twenty-something crowd in their mission.

It was no easy task. In 2011 they started from the bottom with only the assorted skills and contacts each of the young women had acquired in their vastly different backgrounds. Their goal was to create an event that would (a) make money (b) intrigue their friends and colleagues (3) uphold the reputation of the Worldfund's Board. While they may have felt as if they were in over their heads at the time, they have managed to design an event so successful that this year’s tickets sold out merely from word of mouth about last year's debauchery.

Most impressive though is that this is all done in their very limited spare time. Why do they do it, you might ask? These young women are driven by an honest desire to improve the world in the same manner they built the event, starting at foundation. Worldfund aims to use education to fight poverty, starting with the teachers and students, and the principles of Latin American education systems. They may be changing the world one silent auction and open bar at a time, but it is change nonetheless.

Click here to purchase tickets for Worldfund's Summer Fiesta!

Where: Bowery Hotel, 335 Bowery

When: Wednesday July 17th