Stan D'Arde Talks Social Media And What Not To Wear At The Standard

by Chiara Atik · October 18, 2010

    Meet Stan D'Arde, the man with the best job in NYC. He tweets (@StanDarde) and blogs ( for The Standard Hotels, parties every night, and is at the forefront of what's cool and noteworthy in the city. Since he's such an authority on nightlife and culture we asked him a few questions on twitter, partying, and some dos-and-dont's for The Standard.-

    GofG: We know you can't tell us who you are. WHY is it so important to preserve your mystique? (What are you hiding, Stan?)

    We love this question. I have never hidden from you who I am. I am Stan D'Arde. The voice of The Standard hotels. There is nothing to hide. Like the secrets of the universe, I am revealed to you only when you are truly ready to accept me. Are you?

    There are lots of hotels in New York. What makes The Standard so great? (We have our own answer to this, but we're interested in yours.)

    All of The Standards stand in greatness only in reflection of the guests that stay within them. We would be nothing without our clientele. We build hotels that exude style, celebrate design and lend themselves to a lifestyle that only our guests can truly relate to. We are a mirror of you, our loyal fans.

    What do you consider to be your main duty, as official tweeter, blogger, and ambassador to the hotels?

    Social media is just a vehicle for what I do for the hotels. What I focus on mainly is keeping the friends of the hotels happy. Whatever you need, here I am. If you're not in good spirit, then I am Stan D'epressed.

    How do you decide what makes a tweet worth re-tweeting?

    There are many things that make a tweet worth Stan's RT. If I find myself laughing out loud, I retweet. If the tweet contains useful information in one of the cities where our hotel guests might be staying, I want to keep them informed. If I am having a martini while wearing the latest in Fall Fashions, I think my followers will want to know. Wouldn't you?

    What, in your opinion, can other hotels learn by The Standard hotel's approach to social media?

    That's like asking me how does one emulate daily Stan's sense of style. It's inherent and cannot be taught. When you have only what's best for your hotel guests in mind, the rest will simply follow.

    And now, some stuff we really want to know:

    An article of clothing one should never, ever wear to The Standard NY:

    One's personal style is their own, and Stan never judges......BUT, I'd prefer not to see you in a sports jersey. Stan only plays petanque, and one can wear Gucci for that.

    A phrase one should never, ever utter at The Standard NY:

    "Can you tell me how to get to Rose Bar?" :)

    A faux-pas one should never, ever, do while at The Standard NY:

    There is very little you can't do at The Standard, NY, but I would suggest not writing on the walls in lipstick as one female rock star did.....well, unless the lipstick is CHANEL and you're writing "I Love Stan D'Arde".

    [Editor's Note: Stan is much too much of a gentleman to name names, but we wonder if a certain Ms.Courtney Love was behind the lipstick tagging...]

    What has been your most voyeuristic experience at The Standard? (Come on, you HAVE to tell us.)

    Amazing! You know I can't tell you that. But let's just say it involved a security camera, a stairwell, a bottle of Dom Perignon and a fun loving couple from Europe.

    Do you go out every night? If not, what do you do on your off-nights?

    I don't like to go out every night, no, but our guests do, so I am there for them always. Whether it's on the rooftop at The Standard, Downtown LA or in the Purple Lounge at The Standard, Hollywood, Stan is always near by. If I'm not, I'm usually at the home of a friend eating, drinking and celebrating another day in the life of moi.

    Where else would you want to open up shop?

    If we were to open another hotel, I'd love to see The Standard, Beaulieu. The Cote d'Azur is my home away from home.

    This will be unpleasant, but imagine, through some unspeakable clerical catastrophe, that The Standard is booked up for the night. Where in NY would you stay and why?

    I very rarely like to ask favors of my friends, but should I be left without shelter, I have many people whom I think would take me in. It’s only a matter of uptown or downtown? Or maybe even the country if I’m looking for something more serene than the chaos of the city?

    If you could invite 10 New Yorkers, dead or alive, to come party at Le Bain with you for one night, who would get an invitation?

    1. Nan Kempner - The chicest woman to have ever lived, and the only one whose closet rivaled mine.

    2. Linda Evangelista - An old friend, and the perfect party guest.

    3. Terry Richardson - His photography is key, and one always has to try and remember what happened the night before.

    4. Jack Pierson - One of my most favorite artists. It's never a party without intelligent art talk.

    5. Peter Davis - Do I really have to explain this one?

    6 & 7. Chris Benz & Elettra Wiedemann - Two of my very good friends and always the chicest additions to any party, day or night.

    8. Jack Kerouac - You always need someone sitting sullenly alone in a corner smoking a cigarette. You know, for ambiance.

    9. Jack Dorsey - Not a native NYer by birth but definitely one at heart. He has always been one of my biggest supporters, and I would need someone tweeting out all the highlights of the evening. It would be rude for me to be on my phone all night.

    10. Mama D'Arde - She loves a good party, and she's never been scared of a perfectly shaken martini!

    What would be on the playlist?

    The playlist would include Carla Bruni, Everything She Wants by WHAM!, LCD Sound System, Sam Sparro, Eartha Kitt, Gaga, Bon Jovi, Journey, Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam, Edith Piaf, The Cure, Neil Diamond, The Gossip & more.

    Be sure to follow Stan on Twitter and read his column in the Standard's Culture Blog here!