This Is What Happens When People On SNL Have Babies: A Chat With Rachel Dratch

by Ross Kenneth Urken · November 16, 2010

    When we caught tiny former SNL comedian Rachel Dratch at the Mont Blanc 10th Annual Production of The 24 Hour Plays on Broadway at the B.B. King Blues Club, we quizzed her on being a new mother. -

    Dratch met John Wahl, a California-based consultant in the natural food industry, in a bar in 2009, and at the ripe age of 43, she became pregnant. She gave birth to Eli Benjamin on August 24 this year ("he's 11 weeks old," she noted with pride) and has been busy with gigs such as a cameo on 30 Rock. When speaking of her currents, Dratch was keen on prioritizing her role of mother to that of a TV personality.

    "Well, I just had a baby," she said. "I know it's not show biz, but that's regular life biz."

    She can bring a little comedy into life with her child, though.

    "Well, he just started smiling, so that's pretty fun."

    She doesn't reprise her SNL impersonations of Hillary Clinton or Monica Lewinsky for her baby, though; she sticks to goofy faces, she said, and bulged her eyes and affected a shocked, gaping mouth.

    But has the comedian mellowed out in motherhood, become the sort of person she used to mock?

    "I mean, I was never a baby person before I had a baby," she said. "I was never the person like, 'Can I hold your baby?' Then you have one, and you become your own baby person."

    Now, we just have to wait for Dratch's baby and the children of Amy Poehler and Will Arnett to team up for the next generation of SNL.