"Everything I do has to somehow relate to the times we live in, it's very important for me." For Edward Enninful, fashion director at renowned glossies including i-D, Vogue, and currently W Magazine, it's all about now. While some in the fashion industry are stuck in the past, and others rush into the future to try and plant their flag first, Enninful is focused on the world around him. "I mean even to have lasted 25 years, I never spent anytime looking back. It's about now, and I'm very much happy to be a part of now." It's ironic, since the impetus for our discussion with him was a celebration of those 25 years, which has culminated in a collaboration with Beats by Dre. 

The audio brand provides a rare opportunity to indulge in Enninful's work outside of the print medium in which he rose to prominence. The result is not, however, a tribute, but rather an oeuvre connecting his decades of artistic vision with his penchant for the 'now.' With the seven deadly sins re-contextualized for modern times with the use of singular color palettes, an intense soundtrack, and eight of the most famous models in the world (directed by the revered Nick Knight), it's a fascinating addition to Enninful's storied catalogue. We stopped by the Presidential Suite at The Surrey Hotel where Enninful delved into the collaboration, his fashion inspiration, and his continuous focus on the present.