Harper's Is Apparently Planning To Out The Creator Of The 'Shitty Men In Media' List

by Stephanie Maida · January 9, 2018

    As #MeToo stories gained momentum this year, women were only reassured of something they knew already: men in every industry really fucking suck. In journalism circles, a crowdsourced Google document naming abusers and experiences with misconduct circulated online, aptly called the 'Shitty Men in Media' list. Although the anonymous accusers weren't technically coming forward to take legal action, it aimed to warn women and act as a heads up. It isn't uncommon to be told "watch out for that guy" or hear horror stories in this business - the list just put it down in words.

    Obviously, it became a target of aggression by alt-right meninst trolls and Reddit bros. New York Magazine outlined its weaponization, pointing out that what was "potentially helpful" was turning into "something potentially dangerous for everyone involved."

    Now, that threat has reached new heights.

    Today, Dayna Tortorici, editor of n+1, Tweeted, "It’s come to my attention that a legacy print magazine is planning to publish a piece 'outing' the woman who started the Shitty Media Men list. All I can say is: don’t. The risk of doxxing is high. It’s not the right thing to do."

    It was quickly confirmed that Harper's had the story, written by feminist journalist and NYU professor Katie Roiphe. As a former student of hers, I couldn't be more disappointed.

    While it's unclear if the alleged cover story is directly naming the creator of the list, backlash has already begun. Writer Nicole Cliffe offered to pay people with pending articles to pull them from the magazine, while Mara Wilson said, "NYU will be hearing from me and many, many other alumni..."

    Women writers have enough of a hard time online - anyone who has been published and has a Twitter account could tell you that. And with all the shitty men in media, we don't need other women to be shitty, too.