Racist Woman Who Accused A Black Teen Of Stealing Her Phone Is Still The Worst

by Stephanie Maida · January 9, 2021

    You would think that after "Karen" became a pejorative and viral videos of everyday racism became a genre all its own, people would, I don't know, cut that shit out? But alas, racists will racist, even when there's a camera phone pointed at them.

    The latest Karen to act surprised by the backlash of her unhinged and very obvious attack against a Black person is one Miya Ponsetto. The 22-year-old was captured assaulting 14-year-old Keyon Harrold Jr. at New York City's trendy Arlo Soho hotel on December 26th. Why? Because she lost her phone (which was eventually returned to her by her Uber driver) and her immediate reaction was that the Black teenager in the lobby with her had stolen it. 

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    After a video of the incident taken by the boy's father, jazz musician Keyon Harrold (Sr.), spread across the internet, Ponsetto was identified and demands for her to be held accountable rose from the collective. New York City authorities arrested her in California on Friday, but she did have time, the day before her arrest, to chat with Gayle King on CBS This Morning.

    The interview, conducted via video chat and with Ponsetto's mortified lawyer in tow, did not help her cause. Unsurprisingly, she remained dismissive and decidedly unapologetic in the moments that she wasn't rambling incoherently. She even cut off the veteran journalist in the rudest way possible in an effort to defend her indefensible actions. But the thing that really solidifies her douchiness? She was wearing a "Daddy" hat on air! Like, who does that when attempting to repair their reputation on television?

    Of course, we can't mention her choice in headwear without noting how similar it looks to the official merch of Barstool-produced podcast, "Call Her Daddy." Host Alexandra Cooper, however, took to her Instagram stories to confirm that the hat, which Ponsetto's lawyer reportedly asked her to remove to no avail, was *not* related to her podcast, and condemned Ponsetto's actions, saying "this human is not a daddy." 

    Glad we could clear that up!