The Funniest Tweets About THAT Caroline Calloway Story On The Cut

by Stephanie Maida · September 11, 2019

    There are two types of people in the world: those who know - and are obsessed - with Caroline Calloway, and those who have absolutely no idea who she is. At this point, there are so many layers of knowledge one needs to fully appreciate the Twitterverse's reaction to the very highly anticipated story published on The Cut on Tuesday, written by Calloway's former bestie, and, as it happens, ghostwriter, Natalie Beach.

    Calloway, for the uninitiated, is an Instagram star of sorts, whose claim to fame is less related to influencer-quality photos, but rather long-winded captions highlighting the absolute romance of her life (at least in the beginning). After being called out for her scammy "creativity workshops" back in January, the West Village resident has gone more and more off the rails started posting more, sharing and reacting to press snippets and online criticism, and posting stories of herself crying on the floor of her West Village apartment while making paper renditions of Matisse's Blue Nudes (she's selling those, too, in case you're interested).

    As part of her study in social media oversharing, Calloway has publicly prepared for her ex-friend's exposé for almost a week, prompting her followers (both the ones who love her and the ones who simply can't look away) to anxiously await the drop. Well, the story is finally live, and man, was it worth the wait. If not for the bombs dropped in the article itself, then for the hilarious Tweets about it all.