A Falling Star (Micah Jesse) Is Reborn?

by Stanely Stuyvesant · January 7, 2009

    Once a flash in the pan so bright, we could hardly take our eyes off the most aggressive eyebrow in the partybiz, Micah Jesse.  This shooting Hofstra star has aimed to reverse his descent and ascend upward in graceful parabolic motion.  A fixture at Chelsea juants like Marquee, Home, and Guesthouse, it was not until Micah's catfight with Kristian Laliberte that he was thrown onto the pages of the NYC blogosphere and achieved fameball status.

    In 2008 other blogalite fameballs like Emily Brill have stolen some of his thunder.  But Micah is going to go out swinging (if he goes out at all).  And he has prescribed just what the doctor ordered, a relaunch party for his blog.  So what's the attire for the affair?  Amazingness of course!

    Fabulous details after the jump...