Mick Rock Presents "The Legend Series" At CATM Chelsea And The Electric Room

by guestofaguest · March 22, 2012

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    Legendary photographer, Mick Rock, presented his his rock artwork for the first time to a private audience at CATM Chelsea. "The Legend Series" is a collection of previous photographs he took of famous artists such as Lady Gaga, Andy Warhol, David Bowie and Madonna that have been digitally altered, sending your mind on temporary psychedelic trip. Afterwards, the party continued at The Electric Room, located in the basement of the Dream Hotel Downtown.

    "The Legend Series" will be on display at CATM Chelsea from March 22 through April 22.

    Guests included Nur Khan, Alexander Palmer, Nathan Stewart Jarrett, April Hutching, Matt Messinger, Oscar Casanova, Amanda Kerlin, Andrew Logan, Andrew Watt, Barbara Hodes, Bev Ratcliff, Bob Gruen, Capsula, Chelsea Leyland, Chervine Dalaeli, Darian Darling, David Zelikovski, Dawn Kamerling, Dean Holtermann, DJ CASH, Elizabeth Ozarowski, Finbar OHanlon, Frank Ferrer, Geri Gonora, Glen Cavanaugh, Jacob Dekat, Jacqueline Spagnola, Jasper Rischen, John Dabu, John Magzalcioglu, John Varvatos, Jordin Berg, Karli Hennemen, Katarina Rivera, Lauren Rae Levy, Lisa Raden, Lou Reed, Marshall Winters, Megan DiCiurcio, Michael Alago, Michael Gross, Mick Rock, Miss Guy, Murray Gold, Natalie Rock, Olivia Ferrer, Pati Rock, Patrick McMullan, Paul Johnson Calderon, Peter Chenoa, Peter Makebish, Richard Barone, Rita Larchar, Rose Hartman, Scott Lipps, Susan Anton, Tabber Benedict, Todd DiCiurcio, Zachary Dinger and Zoravar Dhaliwal.

    [Right: April Hutchings] [John Magzalcioglu, Mick Rock, Nur Khan]

    [Christina Barrel] [Right: Paul Johnson Calderon]

    [Mick Rock, Andrew Logan, Jacqueline Spagnola]

    [Nur Khan, Mick Rock]

    [Mick Rock, Lou Reed ] [Right: Lauren Levy]

    [Nur Khan, Nathan Stewart Jarrett]

    [Nathan Stewart Jarrett, Matt Messinger, Oscar Casanova]

    [Right: Jasper Rischen, Darian Darling]

    [Mick Rock] [Dean Holtermann]

    [Tabber Benedict, Marshall Winters, John Magzalcioglu]

    [Rose Hartman, Andrew Logan]

    [Miss Guy, Mick Rock]

    [Lou Reed, Mick Rock, David Zelikovski]