By now everyone with access to Spotify and a set of headphones has heard The Weeknd's surprise EP, My Dear Melancholy. And everyone who's even begrudgingly aware of pop culture knows that it's about his messy breakup with Selena Gomez. Le sigh.

The heart-wrenching lyrics are enough to make anyone miss their ex, or at least relive those all-too-relatable post-breakup blues. Then again, if you're of a certain twisted nature (like us), the tunes can only make you wonder, Damn. How can I break someone's heart so bad that they write a song about me?

Well, in case you're wondering, Selena isn't the only celebrity to accomplish such a feat. Click through for a few A-listers who've inspired some of the greatest breakup songs of all time.

[Photo via @selenagomez]