Amy Winehouse Leaves Rehab To Perform

by LAUREN BELSKI · February 11, 2008

    [youtube:] Last night Amy Winehouse reached a musical apex. Seriously. This satellite performance from Camdentown, London was the highlight of the whole hoorah. Yes, she's emaciated. Yes, she looks like she would have been a member of The Craft gang. But the tattoos, the beehive, that ghostly soulful voice—last night they all combined forces, along with some killer back-up singers and some sweet horns, to invoke a modern Motown spirit. How often do you watch singers perform their overplayed radio hits and actually feel all the emotion behind them? Perhaps it was the irony of belting the lyrics, "they try to make me go to rehab," when, in fact, she left rehab to perform. I don't know. If you've got the minutes, check out the performance. It's tragic, it's kind of scary—it feels like real music!