Amy Winehouse To Sing New James Bond Theme Song

by MIKEL MCCOY · April 16, 2008

    007 winehouse

    I've spoken about Amy Winehouse's personal style before, I dig it and plus I do think she's kinda HOT.  Sure, the drug addict bit and missing tooth thing suck, but whatevs, she's a British ROCKSTAR and I dig crazy girls, whatcha gonna do really? Some things that really can't be argued with though are her vocal talent, and her Anglo background.

    And to that end we just found out that Ms. Winehouse is on tap to join great voices like Shirley Bassey, Tina Turner, Gladys Knight, and Carly Simon in performing the theme song for the next 007 movie. The next James Bond flick Quantum of Solace due out November 7 will have Amy belting out the song we hear when we see Daniel Craig, aka James Bond, aka 007, aka bad ass secret agent man gesturing and shooting and doing all that stuff Jim Bond does in the beginning of movies. WORD UP.