Are You Hipster Enough? ...Are You SURE?

by Chiara Atik · July 8, 2010

    We're a little worried about the Guest of a Guest readership. We're honestly not sure you guys are QUITE hipster enough. So we'd like to direct you to a website that will hopefully  help you out a bit. You're welcome.-

    Everyone knows that what separates a true hipster from a charlatan in hipster clothing (read: a prepster in a hoodie) is a carefully cultivated taste in random and obscure music. In order to successfully pass yourself off as a hipster, you've got to namedrop music with the best of them; you have to START liking a band before anyone else, and you have to STOP liking them once everyone else catches on.

    Thank god for

    This website is sort of like our beloved Pandora; it plays music,  except you can click "More Obscure" instead of "Next", if they happen to play a song you've heard before (gross!).

    For instance, this morning, after clicking "More Obscure" a few times, we listened to a song called Jesen U Meni, by Parni Valjak.

    Sample Lyrics: Ptice u bijegu/ Tisina gradi zidove/ Zvoni zbogom/ Rijeci kazne Bozije

    Try bringing THAT up at McCarren Park!