Carly Simon Gives Private Concert At 1Oak

by Chiara Atik · April 30, 2010

    Go HERE for more photos by Steven Ekerovich.

    Carly Simon gave an intimate performance last night at 1Oak. Carly Simon. The Carly Simon. At 1Oak. Singing "You're So Vain". For a small crowd. At 1Oak. (We still can't believe it.)-

    Hosted by the Tribeca Film Festival and Iris Records, the evening was in celebration of the first ever "You're So Vain" music video contest, a collaboration between TFF and AOL "Spinner".

    Carly was in full form, and even brought up her son Ben Taylor to perform with her. You know, Jonathan Taylor. As in the son of Carly Simon. And James Taylor. TOGETHER. 70s music fans across the country probably have SHRINES built to this kid.

    She walked onto the the stage as if she was walking onto a yacht. But it was ok because she's motherfreaking CARLY SIMON.