GMA's Summer Concert Series: Free Music...Oxymoron, I Think Not

by JACQUELINE CHANCER · May 16, 2008

    GMAI don"t watch Good Morning America, but I just might start...As I was walking by Bryant Park this morning, I was blinded by the bright white spotlights. Is it fashion week again, I asked myself? No, I hear crooning, Josh Groban to be exact, and not a recording. Today was one of the many shows included in the GMA"s Summer Concert Series. Beginning this month and lasting all summer long, GMA is hosting some of today"s most popular musical acts every Friday in Bryant Park, rain or shine. Think everything you"d hear on z100 or MTV. If that"s your cup of tea, then you should be excited. Did I mention that these shows are FREE?

    Any music lover knows that seeing shows as with everything else has become increasingly expensive, which is why warm weather is so great...from this to the Today Show Concert Series to Central Park Summerstage, parsimonious New Yorkers can listen to music without dropping a dime. However, this particular concert series is SUPER early in the morning, they tell you to get there at 6 A.M. to reserve a spot (hence Good Morning America). I personally can"t wait until Usher"s show in June. "Make Love in this Club," is my most recent pop favorite in terms of lyrical ingenuity.

    To see the complete listing of GMA"s Summer Concert Series, check out their website.