Jelly Pool Party Returns To Williamsburg

by Mara Siegler · August 5, 2011

    When the Jelly Pool Parties moved from McCarren Park, people grumbled but they still came to the Williamsburg Waterfront and eventually got used to it. When organizers cut ties with the Open Space Alliance this year and moved their concerts to Floyd Bennett Field, located in the middle of nowhere, few people made the trek despite a ($20) shuttle service. Luckily, they are moving back to the hood, at least for this weekend!

    It is a lesson learned: hipsters will not leave the area surrounding Bedford Avenue even for emerging bands, booze, dodgeball, and a ticket price of $0.

    We were there.  Here is one of this year's shows:

    [More pictures HERE]

    Compare the crowd to one of the shows in Williamsbug:


    The Brooklyn Paper even went so far as to call the July 24th show a "beach-blanket bomb" after "little more than 150 people showed up," causing Jelly's Chris Goldstein to tell Gothamist:

    "People keep blaming the turnouts on the bands. We stand behind our booking and feel we deserve some respect for our booking history. Give us the PS1 MOMA or the waterfront venue, we'll see how much the booking matters when hoards of euro-trash and weekend warriors fill up the space. One of the coolest things about New York is that you see bands before your friends do in Po-Dunk, Iowa. You can then send them some message online being like, "You have got to check out Death Grips." Fast forward 6 months from now and you get a call from your old drunk friend and they are like, "Death Grips" is the shit!" And your like, "No shit, I told you that six months ago. Have fun in loser-ville with the wife/kid combo.""

    Mkkkaaayyy....but maybe this messy, foot-in-the-mouth back-and-forth in the press was  enough to push Jelly into figuring out a solution.  This Sunday The Growlers, Japanther, The Death Set, The So So Glos, the CSC Funk Band and Cerebral Ballzy will perform at Bogart Street Stage, between Rock and Varet, an easy walk from the Morgan L. Show starts at 2 pm.

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