Midsummer In The Wick

by SARAH JAFFE · June 23, 2008

    Midsummer in the WickThis Friday, I went to an awesome rooftop show called Midsummer in the Wick, with a barbeque, a keg, and some very unusual folk in Brookly right off of the Mrytle stop. The Magnet City Kids, The Homosexuals, The Rats and the Jadewalkers performed. The party carried on through the night until the skies broke open and let it all out.

    Soon the party was brought into the stairwell with two drummers and about 25 people crowded around. It was such a raw experience, (drums being the most ancient form of music and everyone using their own voices as the instruments making grunts, tunes, and screams). This was an unleashing of the primitive human qualities that are suppressed within all of us. The echo of the stairwell was enchanting and no one hesitated to join the adventure. It was by far a freeing "let your hair down" night.