Matt Damon Parties Like It's 1994 At Pearl Jam Concert

by NATASHA STORER · May 25, 2010

    [Photos via Lauren Farmer] Eddie Vedder may be a good decade and a half older than when he used to stage dive at Lollapalooza, cameo in Cameron Crowe ensemble grunge relationship classic Singles and generally brood with self-important artistic integrity. One thing cannot be denied though- Eddie Vedder and the rest of the Pearl Jam boys can still pull a crowd!


    A crowd reminiscing about the new-fashion retro decade 1990's put on their best (or should that be worst?!) ripped up flannel and tattered Converse All Stars and headed to The Garden to hear the Seattle band rock out with over 30 songs, including two encores. Pretty impressive for self-confessed brooding alt-rockers.

    Jeremy, Alive, State of Love and Trust, Do The Evolution, Even Flow - all the angsty hits were there as the crowd had a massive sing along, with cigarette lighters having been replaced with the ever present lit up cell phones.

    Eddie himself seems to have subdued in his more middle-aged years singing to his wife in the crowd. Back in the old grunge days a sign of a romantic union was more likely to be matching heroin addictions, oh, how times have changed.

    Spotted attempting to mosh in the crowd: Matt Damon in 90's prerequisite beanie and Michael Moore.


    Matt Damon and beanie

    Michael Moore

    Eddie Vedder

    More Matt Damon, with beanie and frat boy beer cup

    The Garden