Pool Parties (Sort Of) Saved! Jelly & Topman To Provide Hipster Bus For Far Off Concerts

by Mara Siegler · June 30, 2011

    It was sad when the Jelly Pool Parties moved from McCarren to the Williamsburg waterfront, but it was crushing when they announced the concerts would not be returning this year. With an ever-solid roster of artists and a cost of $0 dollars, they were the best part of Sundays, if not all of Summer. But they are back with the help of Topman and will take place at the Aviator Sports Complex. Huh? Where?

    The venue is near a place called Fort Tilden Beach, which a frantic Google search reveals is somewhere in Rockaway, Brooklyn, otherwise known as this vast expanse located between beige-ish nothing and the pleasant sounding Dead Horse Bay.

    Needless to say it does not look easy to get to. But before you panic at the thought of an entire summer without a giant slip n slide and watching hipsters wack each other in the nuts with a dodgeball while listening to the sounds of some indie band that is bound to become your next obscure favorite, they are offering shuttle buses.

    In one way this sounds horrible because you can't leave once you suffer heat stroke or drink to much Australian wine and stumble home to pass out. You have to be aware and wary of the fact that you will be riding a bus back to the city with loud, rowdy, neon and feather wearing drunks. On the other hand, this could be fun.

    To register for your spot on the bus (which its safe to say will be harder to get on than the shuttle from Lorimer at 2am when the L isn't running), you can register online at WWW.ROCKBEACH.US. While there is still free entrance when you get there, a ticket for a ride does cost $20.

    Will you make the journey?  The first concert is Saturday, July 9 with Penguin Prison, Wild Yaks, Janka Nabay and The Bubu Gang, and Monogold.